Wildlife Habitat Management

Wildlife Habitat Management, wildlife habitats maintainted by Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk Suffolk, Essex and UKAt Heathland Aquatic Engineering we endeavour to ensure that all of our wildlife projects are completed and maintained to the highest standards. For this reason, at Heathland Aquatic Engineering we offer a high-class wildlife habitat management service to add on when your wildlife habitat is complete.

Wildlife Habitat Management

Put simply, a habitat is somewhere an animal lives and must include the different variables needed for that animal to survive and reproduce. Habitat management involves identifying the different factors within the habitat that might limit the population and then correcting these, allowing the species to thrive.

At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we are keen to see our natural environment thrive. Depending on the type of wildlife habitat in question the management scheme required could vary exponentially.

Wildlife Habitat Management Services

 Heathland Aquatic Engineering has a wide variety of services when it comes to wildlife habitat management from individual selections to a full scheme that’s planned and carried out by Heathland Aquatic Engineering’s team of qualified engineers.

Some of these wildlife habitat management services are;

  • Risk assessments of the habitat area before any work is undertaken
  • Vegetation and fauna advice and management within the habitat, this may include planting advice, supply of plants and our planting services
  • Specialist aeration equipment that won’t damage the wildlife environment with crashing water and motor movement, which can kill of delicate wildlife
  • Sediment reduction including dredging of wildlife ponds or aquatic chalks to manage the sediment levels in a sustainable manner, this can also benefit locations with high PH which can cause choking volumes of duckweed
  • Timing consideration and timelines for all works to be carried out to limit the negative effects it may have on the habitat
  • Encouraging natural growth within the different species inhabiting the area

Heathland Aquatic Engineering have a great enthusiasm for the environment, because of this our team of highly trained professionals are always keen to help in any way possible where improving our environment is concerned.

We supply all equipment and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London, Kent and the whole of the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or information about wildlife fencing, wildlife habitat creation, lake construction or our fishery and consultancy services, please email info@heathlandaquaticengineering.co.ukor call 0800 3891990.