Aquatic Plants

aquatic-planting-servicesPond plants growing in ponds and lakes are beneficial for fish and wildlife. They provide food, dissolved oxygen and are a spawning habitat for fish and waterfowl. Pond plants can trap excessive nutrients and detoxify chemicals. Aquatic wild flowers such as the water lily are available to buy and are planted to provide floral beauty to garden ponds and many estate lakes.

This image shows a pond in Kent, Dredged and redeveloped by us before we supplied and planted. These plants are just 6 months old!

However, dense growth (over 25% of the surface area) of algae and other water plants can seriously interfere with pond recreation and threaten aquatic life. Water plants can restrict swimming, boating, fishing, and other water sports. Decaying vegetation emits offensive odours (rotten egg smell), and algae can discolour pond waters, making them green and murky. Dense growths of plants can cause night time oxygen depletion and kill fish. Green plants produce oxygen in sunlight, but they consume oxygen at night. Decomposing water weeds can deplete the oxygen supply further, resulting in sport fish dying from suffocation. Dense plant growth can also provide too much cover, preventing predation, and leading to stunted (small-sized) sport fish populations.

Aquatic plant supply services 

There are many varieties of aquatic plants available for introduction into lakes and ponds. We offer these plants at a huge discount to anyone within the UK and Europe and believe we are probably one of the cheapest and highest quality suppliers throughout Europe and in 99% of all situations we have been able to beat our competitor’s quotations.

We take a great deal of care to ensure that all plants are delivered in top condition with all our pond plants supplied pre-potted, in racks, still damp when they reach your site. We don’t sell the usual poor quality, poor sized plants you normally see on the market, all our pond plants are a very good size and lush and healthy.

We can also provide a supply and installation service for pond plants, for more information on our native plants grown in the UK click here.

Aquatic plant control services 

Originally a new project this pond was constructed by ourselves just one year before this picture was taken. Plants are doing well!

The selection of the best treatment or combination of treatments to control aquatic plants depends on the species of water plant, the extent of the problem, economic considerations, local environmental conditions, and pond or lake use. First, be sure that you have an aquatic plant problem. Some aquatic plant growth is minor and temporary and does not require costly weed control actions, thereby saving you worry, time, and money. If aquatic plants cover more than 25% of the pond surface area, you should consider implementing pond plant control.

Depending on the type of plant and the severity of the problem, one or a combination of the following control methods can be very effective;

  • Dredge and deepen the pond or lake
  • Harvest (manual or mechanical removal) weeds
  • Manipulate water levels
  • Herbicide treatments

We offer all of the above services and our technicians are qualified to deal with all treatments and fully PA1 and PA6 water certificated. Our full range of services is available throughout the UK and clients who have set-up regular contracts have all seen spectacular results thanks to our aquatic plant management programs, which are individually constructed to suit each customer’s requirements

We supply all equipment and our services to  domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or information about pond and water feature construction, wildlife habitat creation, pond refurbishment or  fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.