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Tag Archives: Lake Management

AirPro 4 bespoke diffused aeration Installation In Epping, Essex

Bespoke Diffused Aeration system designed, supplied and installed close to London in Epping Heathland Aquatic Engineering worked in collaboration with Heathland Fountains on this project for a private client in Epping, Essex near London. The client had contacted Heathland Aquatic Engineering about algal issues and low levels of dissolved oxygen in a lake on his…
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Garden Bridge Construction in Epping, Essex

Our team at Heathland Aquatic Engineering recently provided a private client with 5 bridges of varying sizes for access across streams between his lakes in Essex near London. The bridges were designed to the clients exact specifications and a lockable gate was added to the largest of the five bridges which led across onto an island.…
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Over the last few years Waterscaping has experienced somewhat of a re-birth. There has been a huge surge in the interest in ponds and waterfalls. Whether the economic climate has played its part in encouraging people to stay at home and make the most of their surroundings remains to be seen. However, with the stresses…
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Lakes and a healthy environment

The management of lakes is facing numerous challenges nowadays, some of them related to natural issues and many others to anthropogenic causes. Climate change will have particularly serious ramifications for lake environments, whilst the increasing demands of mankind will need an unified approach to lake management, taking into account not only the whole watershed area but also…
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