Fixed Water Fountains


Over the last few years Waterscaping has experienced somewhat of a re-birth. There has been a huge surge in the interest in ponds and waterfalls. Whether the economic climate has played its part in encouraging people to stay at home and make the most of their surroundings remains to be seen. However, with the stresses…

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Water Features

When it comes to making the most of your garden, there is nothing like the tranquillity that comes with adding a water feature to your garden. There is a wide range of water features to choose from, so no matter what your budget, or what style you are looking to create, there will be something…

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Aqua Control Water Fountains and Aeration

Heathland Group is very pleased to announce its soon to become the distributer for Aqua Control Fountains and Aeration Equipment in the UK.  Aqua Control, Inc. (ACI) was founded in the USA back in 1970 as a manufacturer of floating Aerators and Fountains. They have remained committed to extensive engineering to develop new innovative products…

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