Reservoir Redevelopment

Redevelopment of Reservoirs - Reservoirs redeveloped UK and Europe by Heathland Aquatic Engineering NorfolkReservoirs are most frequently redeveloped in order to increase their water retaining capacity but sometimes there may be another reason such as bank damage or dam failure. During any reservoir redevelopment, it’s necessary to return to the design and possibly planning stages, as aspects of the reservoir redevelopment may need new permissions, especially if the goal is expansion of the current reservoir.

Our team of construction and engineering experts will be able to help you through all the required stages of your reservoir development.  If you need more information on our design and planning services click here.

Our services for Reservoir Redevelopment 

With today’s understanding of water retention,  it is very unlikely that a dam wall or bank will fail, although these problems do occur on older reservoirs and reservoirs that have been created by  amateurs. In this instance the reservoir will need to be brought up to date and the retaining walls redeveloped but first it’s necessary to go through the planning stages.

Dam wall redevelopment is not a complicated repair but the construction must follow the correct procedure and regulations. If a wall failed whilst the reservoir was holding water the consequences could be catastrophic and it might run into millions in repair costs.

Other reservoir redevelopments might include overflow systems and repairs, upgrades to irrigation systems or maybe the installation or replacement of aeration units?

Heathland Aquatic Engineering has been offering reservoir development and redevelopment to its customers for years. All our engineers are experienced and fully qualified and will be able to support you through every stage of your reservoir redevelopment project.

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