Reservoir FAQ’s

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Maintenance, management and construction of reservoirs

The construction, maintenance and management of farm reservoirs, drinking water reservoirs and any other water retaining reservoir must be completed by competent and qualified engineers and site staff. Errors in construction and maintenance can lead to devastating damage and the costs resulting from ruptures in reservoir walls can be astronomical.

Below we have put together some of the answers to the questions most frequently asked when we are in the initial stages of reservoir development.

Are you able to offer your reservoir construction and reservoir maintenance services across the UK?

All of our reservoir services are available to clients across the UK and Europe, on some occasions we may travel further offering consultancy and design services for reservoirs.

Do you offer a design and build service for reservoirs?

The majority of our reservoir projects include design aspects and then lead onto the construction stages of the reservoir. We support all our clients throughout the reservoir design, planning and construction stages.

Do you offer a lining service for reservoirs?

We are able to provide HDPE, EPDM, GCL and other products to line reservoirs should natural clay lining not be available. We have a team of staff who are able to lay, line and weld bespoke reservoir liner sizes and shapes onsite.

When lining a reservoir, how do you check for leaks in site welded joins?

All the joints in the reservoir liner are pressure tested to make sure there are no leaks upon lining the reservoir.

Do you have qualified engineers to support your reservoir designs?

All engineers used by the company, whether in-house or sub-contracted are fully qualified in the roles they operate within.

Do you build reservoirs for private and commercial clients or only commercial?

We offer all our services for reservoir construction, reservoir management and reservoir maintenance to all clients, both domestic, private and commercial.

Do you supply and install irrigation systems?

Yes we supply all pumping equipment for full irrigation systems and also offer a full installation service.

For further information on any reservoir services please call or email on the following email or call 0800 3891990