Reservoir Construction

reservoir construction Reservoir ConstructionHeathland Aquatic Engineering has a very strong team when it comes to reservoir construction. We are dedicated to using the correct construction procedures for all types of water retaining reservoirs, so that your reservoir is fit for purpose with a stable water supply.

Why construct a Reservoir?

A reservoir not only gives you a marketing advantage and adds capital value to your business, but can also add environmental stability to areas where water shortages are a problem.

There is increasing demand for water resources and so it's essential that industry, domestic users, agriculture and amenity users take great care of the water supply and use  water in a safe, resourceful manner. The government and Environment Agency both promote what they refer to as, the ‘twin-track’ approach, when it comes to water owners and users – this refers to developing new resources, as well as effectively managing demand.

The Reservoir construction process

Once planning has been passed by the various authorities that tend to be involved in new reservoir projects,  you can be assured that you're in the safe hands of our reservoir construction engineers and our fleet of machinery operators. All of our reservoir construction methods are to approved standards and are completed according to strict legislation and management. Safety is extremely important to our company and every reservoir project undertaken by us will include full scheduling and continuous reporting processes.

Guaranteed results for your reservoir construction work

During the construction of your reservoir we will handle everything, taking the stress away from you. Our site manager will be in constant attendance to make sure no time is lost and every stage is completed properly. Weekly or stage meetings will be held with customers to make sure information on progress is passed on and everyone is on target with the reservoir construction project.

Any liners used during the reservoir construction stages are supplied by us and installed using the most advanced techniques, insuring stability of joints, which will be fully pressure tested. If local clay is used, the correct sample testing will be completed during the planning stages and we will be working to the appropriate depth set out in the planning and design stages.

Previous reservoir construction

Although many would think that only farm reservoirs are required for irrigation purposes, there are many other organisations that might need to retain high water volumes. Heathland Aquatic Engineering have worked with a number of businesses with different business requirements, including the following;

  • Agricultural - Irrigation reservoir construction
  • Golf clubs - Irrigation reservoir construction
  • Gas plants - Fire reservoir construction
  • Oil refineries - Fire reservoir construction
  • Housing estate developers - Drainage reservoir construction
  • Highway developers - Drainage reservoir construction

Rest assured by calling us to deliver your reservoir construction project,  you will be dealing with professionals from start to finish, who will be able to guarantee quality results.

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We supply all equipment and our reservoir construction services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or reservoir construction, reservoir design,  planning, reservoir maintenance or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.