Floating Reservoir Aerators

Reservoir Aeration, Heathland Aquatic supply floating aerators for reservoirs in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and UK and Europe

Moving water in your reservoir to support life!

Aeration and the process of moving water, which is performed by aerators,  is one of the most important things to have covered when it comes to reservoirs and we are able to provide a wide range of floating aerators suitable for any size reservoir. Floating aerators are the best option for most reservoirs, as they are simple in design and have no restrictions from the nozzles so they simply propels water to the surface, creating high volumes of surface circulated water , where the water collides and oxygen is transferred into the water to become dissolved oxygen, known as DO. This process keeps your reservoir well oxygenated and the water in great condition.

Reservoir Aeration with amazing performance and minimum cost

Our team at Heathland Aquatic Engineering have made it their mission to be able to provide a range of floating aerators suitable for most uses. We believe that there are and aerator should always meet certain demands that include;

  • Reduced running costs.
  • High performance and flow rates.
  • Reliability and low maintenance.
  • Product longevity.
  • Reduced blockages.

So we  wanted to ensure that all our floating aerators meet and exceed the following requirements:-

  • Reduced running costs – No longer a need for large, inefficient motors which burn power and move very little water, up to date motor technology now means vastly increased performance and high transfer water flows without the electric bill racing out of control.
  • High performance – with flow rates set at 90,000 litres at just 750 watts, this is 50,000 litres more per hour than our competitors with the same 750 watt motor rating.
  • Reliability / longevity – all of the Floating Reservoir Aerators come complete with 2 years Warranty and offer high end drives using environmentally safe oil filled motors which extends the life well beyond the normal limits, we have seen installed and maintained units still running after 10 years.
  • Reduced blockages – Many of the cheaper Floating Aerators still use traditional pumps to transfer water, this means narrow chambers and fine grills which are easy to block. These are now gone, we have larger grills with increased surface areas to reduce suction flows coupled with the very same technology as used in our high end fountains which means no jamming.