AquaAir Diffused Solar Reservoir Aeration

AquaAir Solar Reservoir Aeration - Reservoir Aerators supplied and installed by Healthland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk UK






A reservoir aerator powered by the sun for low costs and sustainability

The Solar AquaAir Ultra is new to the extensive range of aeration equipment that Heathlands Aquatic can supply and install and this aerator is ideal for those keen on providing aeration to their reservoir using sustainable power to help keeps costs low.

This reservoir aerator is powered by the sun and backed up with battery banks for 24 hour operation. Solar aeration systems are manufactured to the same high quality as all other aeration systems and so the the AquaAir Ultra aeration product line, utilises robust components that require very minimal maintenance.

Solar AquaAir Ultra, solar powered reservoir aeration

AquAir Solar Reservoir Aerator compressor - Solar powered Aeration for Reservoirs - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk UKSolar AquaAir Ultra aeration systems provide the ultimate aeration, circulation and de-stratification for all water bodies. They are perfect for installation in ponds, lakes and reservoirs located in remote locations with no power source, or for any business looking to cut running costs and move towards becoming environmentally friendly by using more sustainable power options.

The solar powered brushless 24 volt piston compressor supplies compressed air via 14mm weighted super sink air tubing, which is designed to lay flat on the bed of the reservoir, lake or pond,  completely out of sight and away from harm.  These are ideal for reservoirs as they generally don’t need a display and solar power keeps running costs to a minimum.

The diffuser membranes using micro bubble technology, which synergistically lifts water from the bed of the reservoir to the surface, where atmospheric oxygen transfer occurs and subsequent, oxygen enhanced, beneficial circulation is created.

Benefits of solar reservoir aeration

  1. Environmentally friendly, self contained power source
  2. Solar powers aeration systems for reservoirs, lakes and ponds supplied and installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk UKEntire water column circulation
  3. Stabilisation of thermal stratification
  4. Increased dissolved oxygen levels
  5. Eliminates oxygen related fish kills
  6. Reduces mosquito and midge infestations in your reservoir
  7. Reduces risks of likelihood of algae bloom in your reservoir or lake
  8. Reduces foul odours from gases
  9. Reduces buildup of organic sediment in reservoirs and lakes
  10. Improves and preserves a healthy aquatic ecosystem in your reservoir or lake

Solar AquaAir Ultra Performance
System Model Diffuser Quantity Solar Panel Quantity Batteries Quantity Cubic Feet per Min at 5psi Cubic Feet per Min per Diffuser Days of Batter Backup Pond Sizing
(Surface Acre)
Operating Depth
Solar AquaAir Ultra 1 96101 1 1 2 0.7 0.70 ~2.5 Up to 1/4
Up to 1/2
4' to 10'
10' to 35'
Solar AquaAir Ultra 1 96102 2 1 2 0.7 0.35 ~2.5 Up to 1/2 4' to 15'
Solar AquaAir Ultra 2 96202 2 2 4 1.4 0.70 ~3.0 Up to 1/2
Up to 1
4' to 10'
10' to 35'
Solar AquaAir Ultra 2 96203 3 2 4 1.4 0.46 ~3.0 Up to 3/4 4' to 15'
Solar AquaAir Ultra 2 96204 4 2 4 1.4 0.35 ~3.0 Up to 1 4' to 15'


We supply an extensive range of aeration systems including solar powered aerators for reservoirs and lakes such as AquaAir and Oxymax and our aeration system installation services are available to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about reservoir aerators, fountains and lighting and our reservoir management services please email, call 0800 3891990.

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