Reservoir Aeration

Reservoir Aerators, supplied and installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, UK

Why do you need to use reservoir aerators to keep your reservoir healthy?

Reservoirs can be used for a the following reasons:-

  • water supply
  • hydroelectric power
  • navigation
  • flood control
  • irrigation

It is important to keep your reservoir well managed and in good condition as as some areas now rely heavily on the water from reservoir and to do this, water should be well oxygenated and the water circulation needs to be monitored and maintained at high quality.

Aerators for reservoirs, to aid oxygenation and circulation of water - Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk UKReservoirs can become unsightly and  the water unpleasant without due care and attention.  If appropriate aeration is not provided, the ecological balance of the water body may become affected. This can cause excessive plant growth and vegetation, which in turn will lead to foul odours and cloudy or discoloured water that looks and smells unattractive.

 Reservoir Aeration Supply

We can supply a number of different aeration options in order to help keep your reservoir healthy and off a wide range of reservoir aerators, which are available in ;

  • Floating Aerators – surface aeration
  • Diffused Aerators – circulate water and aerate at the same time.

Heathland Aquatic Engineering are able to provide a perfect solution to all your reservoir aeration needs.

We have many years experience working with aeration in reservoirs  and all of the applications will be calculated in-house to provide you with the right piece of equipment for your reservoir. We can even design and build a bespoke aeration system for you if you need something a bit different.