Reservoir Aeration

Aquamaster reservoir Aerators supplied and installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and throughout the UK.

Aquamaster produce an extensive range of reservoir aerators, for helping with water management issues in different types of reservoirs in a variety of locations.

The Volcano II & Hydromax Series are part of Aquamaster’s range of reservoir aerators as are the Ultimax aeration system and the truly amazing AquaAir systems. Aerators are an effective, natural, environmentally safe solution to the problems of algae build-up, aquatic weeds, bottom sludge and unpleasant odours in lakes and ponds.

Aquamaster Aerators for Reservoirs - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and throughout the UK.

Any of the aeration systems seen here are of world class quality and offer the very best solution for water quality problems in reservoirs. This series of aerators provides horizontal circulation of water and oxygen beneath the surface. and these are ideal for use when a high performance, lower profile, floating surface aerator is needed in a reservoir or as with the AquaAir you are given the same high performance without the need to have surface disturbance which you get from fountains etc.  A surface display is not a priority in most reservoirs so the AquaAir aerators are ideal.

The more traditional Volcano II and Hydromax system produces amazing aeration results for your reservoir,  due to the high GPM pumping rates and oxygen transfer capabilities.  The Hydromax series features the high volume performance of the Volcano II with its conical display pattern.

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We supply all our reservoir aeration equipment and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about Aquamaster reservoir aerators or reservoir construction, reservoir maintenance, reservoir design or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.