Angel Waterfall Pump

Angel Waterfall Pump systems for ponds and water features - Heathland Aquatic, Norfolk, Suffolk, EssexCreate a beautiful stone fountain with the Angel waterfall pump system

The Angel series of waterfall pumps is also capable of running display fountains and is highly suited to the types of stone fountains, something you see in large cities around the world. The unit is available in 1HP to 5HP options and is built using a centrifugal pump so that it is able to work at heads approaching 15m. it does have the lowest flow rates compared to the other units available but, for the smaller waterfall project or water feature the Angel waterfall pump is the ideal solution.

As with all the pumps these are very reliable, low maintenance and built to last.


Angel Waterfall Pump system with lighting for ponds and water features - Heathland Aquatic, Norfolk, Suffolk, EssexAt Heathland Aquatic Engineering we want to help you care for your investment and get many years of enjoyment out of your waterfall pumping system, so we offer a waterfall and fountain winterising and servicing package to ensure you can enjoy your water feature for many years. We have a fully equipped fountain and pump service centre for  the repair, servicing and maintenance of all fountain, aeration and waterfall units supplied by ourselves and other companies.

We can supply waterfall pumps, fountains, aerators and full fountain, aerator and waterfall installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. For more information and advice about any of our water feature products please email or call 0800 3891990.