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Standard Fixed Pond Fountains

fixed base pond fountain mounted to the base of a concrete feature pond







Heathland Aquatic offer a wide range of standard fixed pond fountains for all pond sizes

At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we offer a range of fixed pond fountains for any pond size. These are designed to be installed and fixed at the base of the pond and secured safely in place as a permanent fixture.

Fixed pond fountains are ideal for water features where the water is normally shallow and is used mainly for feature and display use, rather than those where fish stocks are kept.  Using them in ponds and water features with fish stocks and other aquatic life is still possible and causes no harm to either the fountain or the life within the pond.

water feature pond fountain in a concrete base pondAll of our static pond fountains are high-end fountains and need little maintenance, whilst providing years of hassle free, beautiful water displays. Our static fountains are available with or without LED lighting and can be supplied for self installation or with professional installation by Heathland.

Maintenance services for fixed pond fountains

We guarantee support for our pond fountains and offer a full return to base warranty on all our fountain ranges along with a 1 year on-site repair warranty when we install the units ourselves. Our workshop is fully equipped to offer a professional service designed to keep your fountain in top condition.  Maintenance service facilities are also available in-house.

static pond fountain lit with led fountain lightingOur static pond fountains units are designed to last. Regular two yearly servicing will ensure your fountain doesn't break down and won't need to be replaced. These fountains are durable and  with careful maintenance they run for a long time.  Unlike most fountains they don't have to be thrown away when the smallest faults occur.

Static pond fountains all come with a number of fountain display pattern options and are available with a variety of lighting packages. Although all these pond fountains are plug and play, they are also available with a range of controllers which offer protection for both users and the fountain and it allows you to automatically control the switching times for the fountain and any lighting incorporated in the feature.

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