Bespoke Floating Pond Fountains

Bespoke Floating Pond Fountains from Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex UK

Bespoke and custom built floating fountains for lakes, ponds and water features

Producing stunning bespoke and custom built floating fountains for a variety of water bodies is one of our specialities and we are now installing some incredible fountain displays around the world as well as some smaller units within the United Kingdom. We work with only the Bespoke Floating Pond Fountains & lighting from Heathland Aquatic, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex UKvery best technology available and so we are able to offer some breathtaking water displays. Water can now be thrown high in to the air under total control, meaning we can literally make the  water dance to any design and pattern. On top of this we are working with some of the very best RGBW LED fountain lighting systems that make night time fountain displays look stunning.

Making water, light and sound work together

The  fountain display above operates not only light and water but also incorporates music. The entire display is based around the music, all lighting and fountain work is set in sequence to dance along with the tune of your choice.

Superb bespoke floating pond and lake fountains with lighting - Heathland Aquatic Norfolk, UKThe Director of the company has had a passion for these fountain systems for many years since he began his working life in the entertainment and production industry. Heathland Aquatic is totally committed to excellence in everything that we do so we create some of the best bespoke fountain displays on the market.

Our bespoke water fountain design & build are tailored and customised to your special requirements

All of our bespoke fountains displays are free floating and only require basic anchoring,  which requires no penetration of the pond or lake bed. It means we can install these fountains in Superb bespoke floating pond and water feature fountains with lighting - Heathland Aquatic Norfolk, UKlocations that have liners of any sort without any risks of damage. They are all available to both domestic and commercial customers in the United Kingdom and throughout the world.

We can supply bespoke floating fountains, bespoke floating water features and our high quality installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom and around the World. For more information and advice about any of our fountain products please email or call 0800 3891990.

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