Bespoke Feature Fountains for Ponds

Bespoke pond and water feature fountains - Heathland Aquatic, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, UK







Bespoke pond and feature fountains range

Our range of fountains is now a large part of our business but we wanted to go one step further and offer our customers a bespoke fountain service as sometimes an off-the-shelf fountain just isn’t right for your lake or pond. If you have something special in mind or want a truly unique fountain then we can help.

We create breath-taking bespoke pond fountain displays

Using our extensive aquatic and engineering experience and knowledge, we produce breathtaking pond fountain displays. Our fountains are designed and built as a custom piece of equipment for our customer’s unique requirements. The possibilities are truly endless. Alongside creating stunning water displays, we can also incorporate the very finest RGBW LED lighting, high specification controllers and even the occasional music active displays.

High quality, high-tech, low maintenance fountains

Bespoke pond & water feature fountains with lighting - Heathland Aquatic, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, UKAll of the equipment selected and utilised in the manufacturing processes of the bespoke fountain ranges is the very best that today’s technology has to offer.  Our bespoke fountain controls are built from proven technology and this means we can supply reliable, low maintenance bespoke fountain equipment that won’t let you down.

Quality assurance from both the team at Heathland Aquatic Engineering and on all the materials used in the manufacture of these fountains,  means you are guaranteed a high-standard product that is exactly what you asked for at the design stage.

We have in-house design enabling us to create both 2D and 3D fountain designs and give you a glimpse of the finished result before getting to the manufacturing stage. During the design process, we will discuss all of the technical requirements, location, size of displays and of course the ways we can light the fountain to make it as breathtaking at night as it is during the day.