Pond Dyes

Pond dyes including Dyofix from Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk and KentCommercial and residential ornamental and natural ponds can all suffer from out of control algal blooms and aquatic weed growth. Trying to get algal bloom and weed growth back under control by hand can sometimes be exhausting and seem like an impossible task, especially if you have time restraints. Dyofix dyes are available for this very reason and provide a simple but very effective solution to all sorts of UV related pond issues.

All of the products created by Dyofix are food approved, with only the very best quality products going into the dye manufacture process.  These dyes have been thoroughly tested to European standards and Heathland Aquatic Engineering Limited, now stock and supply the entire Dyofix range.

Any size waterbody from a small pond in a garden to a large lake in hotel grounds or on an estate,  can benefit from these simple products, which work by filtering out the sunlight to stop further growth and then the begin to reduce the existing growth. All of this is achievable without putting your fish stocks or the environment at any risk as these products are totally safe to all pets, fish, wildlife and humans.

Key Features of the Dyofix Pond Products

  • Totally free of any harmful chemicals that might be used in pond products and
    Completely harmless to all forms of life, human, animal etc
  • Can be supplied in various colours
  • Dyofix pond black dye - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk, Suffolk and Essexliquid and powder is available in most products
  • Used by:
    • award-winning landscape gardeners
    • attractions
    • golf clubs
    • local authorities
  • Very simple to use
  • Extremely economical and versatile
  • Use on any algal bloom or submerged aquatic pond weed
  • Helps prevent filtration system blockages
  • Available to use in your pond throughout the year
  • Featured in the BBC Program ‘A Year at Kew’

Dyofix Pond Black – designed to stop algae

This product is mainly used in designer gardens where black is used to provide fantastic reflections. Although this is its primary role, it is also used in many ornamental fish ponds, because its probably the very best product for combating algal blooms.

Pond Black Dyofix pond dye to prevent algal bloom in your pond - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk, Suffolk Essex

Pond Black not only blocks light, but also absorbs it, which completely hinders all sunlight penetration to your pond.

Any pond plants that have supporting leaves breaking the surface will be completely unaffected by the use of Pond Black.  Fish stocks within the pond will also be safer in this environment as they will find it easier to hide from predators.

Dyofix SGP Blue and SGP Shadow – helping to save time

All aquatic plants benefit from an abundance of resources in a pond and nitrogen is the main key to healthy plant life. Unfortunately algae also benefit and thrive in these conditions and make a pond look ugly and choked up.

SGP Blue Dyofix pond dye to prevent algal blooms - Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Suffolk, EssexWhen algae over populates a pond,  other plants, animals and fish can suffer leading to death of fish stock in worst case scenarios.  SGP Blue or SGP Shadow are totally harmless products to fish stocks.

Manual removal of algae blanket weed blooms can be a long and tiring process, which normally reaps very little reward and leads to a very frustrated pond owner.  If you use other chemical related products to remove the algae,  there is a risk to other  life in the pond,  as a simple mistake made with dosage could see the death of everything in your pond.

Dyofix SGP Blue and SGP Shadow pond dyes can be used effectively, safely and at low cost but without any risk to people, animals, wildlife, fish stocks or plants and best of all with no risk to the environment.

By using the three primary natural colours, yellow, blue and red, Dyofix were able to create a product that appears natural and clear to the human eye. The product creates a shadow in the pond,  which prevents light from reaching the bottom and feeding the algae.

Lake Shadow from Dyofix is a very similar tried and tested product, which has been proven in use all over the world.

For full details on Dyofix ponds dyes and for quantity calculations please email us on info@heathlandaquaticengineering.co.uk or call on 0800 3891990.