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Oxymax Pond Aerator

Oxymax pond aerators, Pond Aeration Systems supplied and installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Essex & SuffolkThe Oxymax Aeration System is the best solution for water quality problems in ponds and lakes, when no fountain spray pattern is desired. These silent, vertical mixers are environmentally friendly and will not disturb the aquatic landscape. Oxymax Aeration Systems work from the base of the pond. They are entirely submerged in the pond, out of sight and operate silently.  They couple electric motors to a propeller water transport system so the water from the base of the pond  and particularly oxygen-depleted water moves rapidly towards the surface.  This oxygen-depleted water absorbs oxygen as it quickly spreads over the pond and then returns down through the de-stratified layers, giving equal distribution of oxygenated water.

Key Features of Oxymax Aeration System

  • Available in (½ - 5HP) models
  • Oxymax aeration system for ponds and lakes - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk, Suffolk and EssexComes with 2-year warranty on (½ HP)
  • Comes with 3-year warranty on (1 - 5HP)
  • Single and three phase motors
  • Completely submerged in the base of the pond
  • Entirely hidden and silent
  • Motor housing is stainless steel
  • Light weight and small size makes it highly mobile
  • Easily transferable for spot problems
  • Perfect for fish compounds, it keeps the ponds open all year round (where applicable) and eradicate winter fish deaths
  • Zero feasible freeze damage as the aerator is totally immersed
  • For lifetime durability, immersed motor and seals are lubricated by non-toxic food grade oil
  • Simply adapts to any pond 2.5' to 20' deep
  • Low-profile float fitted below the pond waterline
  • Good quality
  • The Components of the Oxymax aeration system are made from stainless steel
  • Total Component CE Recognised for safety
  • Certified by UL & cUL

Oxymax Aerator Sizing

General rule of thumb:

  • 1HP per surface acre. Increase the number of units for ponds with restricted circulation and/or critical nutritional load conditions.

We supply an extensive range of aeration systems including AquaAir and Oxymax and our installation services are available to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about pond aerators, fountains and lighting and our pond management services please email [email protected], call 0800 3891990.