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Pond Aeration

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Pond aeration keeps your pond healthy?

A pond of half an acre or less can provide both beauty and function in residential and commercial settings. Ponds can be used for a variety of purposes such as making the landscape more appealing or as fishing ponds, as retention ponds and even storm water basins, which are often low cost diffused pond aerator assemblyused in property development projects. Small, shallow ponds tend to be in greater need of oxygenation and pond aeration through water circulation than larger areas of water like lakes, where the natural plant life and sheer size allows the wind to penetrate and move the water in such a way that oxygen can be transferred naturally.

diagram of diffused aeration systems for ponds with disc and tube style diffusers operatingWithout appropriate pond aeration the ecological balance of small ponds can become disrupted and you could end up with excessive pond plant growth and vegetation and that can lead to foul odours and cloudy or discoloured water that looks and smells unattractive.

evolution surface pond aerator in a frozen pond creating a large flow of waterPond aeration options

We can supply a number of options to help with aeration of ponds and smaller water features. Our larger range of aerators are available in both floating aerator options for surface pond aeration and as diffused aerators that circulate water in your pond and aerate at the same time. We are able to provide the perfect solution to your pond aeration needs, whilst enhancing the natural habitat for aquatic animals and wildlife. You can also go to our specialist website for further information on ponds and aeration.

We have many year's experience working with pond aeration and all of the will be calculated in-house to provide you with the right piece of aeration equipment for your pond or water feature's needs.

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