Commercial Feature Pond Construction

Commercial Feature Pond Construction - Pond Construction at Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex






Commercial feature pond construction for commercial sites such as golf clubs and hotels

When it comes to commercial pond projects, Heathland Aquatic Engineering can improve the look of your commercial property with a beautiful, professionally designed and constructed feature pond.  We can create feature ponds on commercial sites to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Why would you want a feature pond for your business?

A feature pond creates a calming and relaxed atmosphere that’s beneficial for any kind of business. Heathland Aquatic Engineering can help you through every stage from the planning and design of your pond, all the way through to the final touches, such as aquatic plants and stocking your pond with beautiful fish. Our aim is to make your dream pond a reality for your business. Whether it’s a smaller Koi pond or a large feature pond with fountains, we can provide all the equipment you need and manage the whole pond construction project from start to finish.

We can also supply high quality, low maintenance, economical and beautiful fountains and aeration equipment to suit any sort of commercial pond.

Heathland Aquatic Engineering are professional pond experts

At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we are able to advise and help with the construction of many different types of commercial feature ponds and water features. Our team of qualified engineers can provide personalised designs and constructions schedules for your pond, and to suit any of your business requirements.

What are the benefits of having a feature pond on your business premises?

Our commercial feature ponds can be custom designed to fit any space so we can suit any size requirements you have and we can provide a design to finish service that gives you everything you need.  A feature pond can add aesthetic value to a commercial site and can also improve the local wildlife, providing an interesting focal point for staff and visitors alike.   Locations that might benefit from our commercial pond services include hotels, office complexes, retail centres, restaurants and residential developments. Heathland Aquatic Engineering also offer competitive warranties on all commercial feature ponds.

We supply all the necessary equipment for your commercial feature pond construction project and our services to commercial clients throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or information about pond and water feature construction, wildlife habitat and pond creation, pond refurbishment or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.