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Wildlife pond design and construction from Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, LondonA pond can be a wonderfully relaxing part of any garden, estate or commercial landscape, allowing people to experience the sound of a waterfall or have the pleasure of watching fish swimming around on their daily routes.  You can build a pond in almost any location and any size, from a small garden pond, which children can keep goldfish in, to a very large pond for Koi keepers, a natural wildlife habitat or maybe even a commercial pond for a Hotel or Golf Club or a business park.  At Heathland Aquatic we specialise in wildlife pond design and construction and the supply of pond equipment and fountains.

Pond fountains and pond equipment
Commercial and wildlife pond construction in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex - Heathland Aquatic Engineering

We can supply a range of pond equipment including pond filters, pond pumps, pond liners, fountains, aerators, pond plants and other materials available from some of the best quality manufacturers.

Many people believe that building a pond is simple, you may hear people say they believe "its just a hole in the ground". They couldn't be more wrong. Constructing a pond correctly and to high standards will result in a pond you can enjoy without the hassles of constant cleaning and filter problems, which can be immensely time consuming and detract from enjoyment of the pond.

Pond aeration is essential for good water management

We can provide the necessary aeration equipment for your pond, to ensure that you don't have time consuming unpleasant problems with your pond's water quality and you can even combine water management with something to make your pond truly beautiful, such as our pond fountains.   If you don't want a display then you can make sure your pond stays in good condition with one of our well-designed pond aerators

Wildlife ponds and habitats

We design, construct and help maintain wildlife ponds and we can also supply a range of wildlife fencing for your pond.  We work with environmental and wildlife agencies but also we work with building development and industrial clients to create aquatic wildlife ponds and habitats around property developments and industrial sites.

We can supply all the equipment you need for your pond and our services are available to domestic and commercial clients throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about pond equipment, pond fountains and aerators and wildlife habitat creation email [email protected], call 0800 3891990.