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Pontoons and Docking

rotodock floating pontoon equipment for working on water

Floating pontoon and docking systems for lakes, marines, rivers and ponds

Our introduction to the floating pontoon systems is from the perspective of an aquatic engineering company that offers its services in the construction, maintenance and dredging sectors to individuals, companies and organisation. We have been using these products for years and have lots of experience with them and can advise on when they can and can't be used on a water body.

Supply and installation of Pontoons and Docks

Commercial Cube Pontoon on a lake or reservoir - Heathland Aquatic EngineeringWe can supply and install a variety of pontoons and docks for our customers in both the private sector, where they might take the form of an attractive pontoon in a garden or for the commercial sectors in a commercial project, such as on fish farms or on fisherines or in a marine environmnt.  There are myriad uses for pontoons and docking systems on private ponds, lakes and river settings and for commercial uses on rivers, lakes and in marinas.

We are now offering a range of products to suit many situations, these are generally the Modular Cube Pontoons. Also in the range is a selection of Decked Pontoon Systems, which offer the home owner, office or commercial building a high quality decorative pontoon solution.

The links below will take you to the relevant products. We are always available to discuss and to help design a pontoon or dock, put together the package you require, which may also include any bespoke items, and create one-off solutions to suit individual requirements.

Floating Pumping Stations

We are also able to help with floating pump stations or any access issues, where you need a dock or pontoon designed and manufactured for a specific purpose. Specialist pontoon rigs are available or can be created in-house and shipped, to the site and then installed.

Plastic Pontoon on lakes, rivers, reservoirs, marinas - Heathland Aquatic EngineeringAll of the pontoon and dock equipment seen here is cost effective and extremely durable and versatile, which means you will be getting the best prices and many years of enjoyment or general use from these high quality docking and pontoon systems.

If you have any designs or a general sketch for a pontoon, which you wish to be priced, you can send it  over to our email address [email protected] and our in-house engineers will take a look at it. We can look at a variety of options to suit all budgets and requirements, offering our clients a safe and high quality dock or pontoon to suit their needs.