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Nicospan bank reinforcement - supplied and installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex

Nicospan is an extraordinary TenCate Nicolon product for vertical pond and river bank protection. It provides a high-quality, economical solution for erosion control for river banks, bank redevelopment, island construction and bank restructuring. It is a prefabricated, double weave revetment material made from sturdy UV stabilised monofilament yarns that have been heat sealed to form a series of open pockets. Each has  a width of 220 mm so that 100 mm (max) diameter posts can be slotted into them. Nicospan comes in 100 metre long rolls and widths of 0.5 m and 1.0 m. It is particularly useful in areas where access to the river or pond bank is limited and a stream, lake, pond or river bank needs to be made wider. Nicospan is the perfect low cost bank protection for use in lakes, streams, ponds and small watercourses.

We offer a supply only and also full supply and installation service for Nicospan. We have all the advanced machinery for driving the piles and our team of engineers can supply you with consultancy services to make sure you get the results you need.

Where to use Nicospan

  • Erosion control
  • Nicospan - reinforce river and stream banks - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Norfolk, SuffolkBank protection
  • Construction works
  • Flood protection
  • Lagoons
  • Permanent erosion protection
  • Pond banks
  • River banks, channels, canals
  • River training and diversion
  • River and canal banks
  • Water margins

Benefits of using Nicospan

  • Nicospan piling, river bank reinforcement and flood protection - Heathland Aquatic Engineering NorfolkLight weight (260 gr/m 2); 1 roll of 100 m long and 0.5 m wide weighs approx. 13 kg.
  • Good permeability and soil retention properties
  • Can allow the establishment of vegetation through the fabric and is therefore environmentally viable.
  • UV stabilised and resistant to attack from bacteria and chemicals.
  • Low priced and relatively quick to install
  • Particularly suitable for use on pond or lake banks of a vertical nature and for river narrowing

Depending on the condition of the soil and the surcharge, Nicospan is installed on poles driven in at 0.5 m to 0.75 m centres. Whilst it's good enough for retaining soil, care needs to be taken in selecting the proper stake type and length. Timber posts used with Nicospan should be of round, smooth, machine dressed and pointed. It should have a diameter of 75-100 mm (max). Posts need to be pressure treated to BS 4072. Heathland Aquatic Engineering can supply poles treated with Celcure-A to Rentokil specification ST 21, which carries a 20 years guarantee and is not harmful to the environment in the water. Scaffolding poles can also be used, but it's important that they're free of burrs as these could tear the fabric. Scaffolding poles are more suited to sites where rocky bed settings may be encountered. The spacing and length of posts will depend on the condition of the soil.

If the Nicospan does not retain contact with the undulating bed of the water body, then a Geolon PP 15 woven geosynthetic material should be fitted vertically behind the Nicospan and then up and across the eroded invert. Appropriate back-fill material can then be deposited to the required level.

Back-fill materials for Nicospan

Nicospan materials for bank protection - rivers, lakes, reservoirs - Heathland Aquatic EngineeringFill materials that are placed behind the Nicospan must have a minimum D50 of 400 μm. Where fine soils are present a silt tight filter such as a Geolon PP 15 must be placed at the back of the Nicospan up to the waterline. Nicospan is positioned over the first anchor pole, which will then be driven in to refusal. A tie back to a second pole in the bank or other stable structure will then need to be made. The Nicospan is then unrolled along the length of the bank that has eroded, stretched by an additional 2% and another pole is then placed through the Nicospan pocket at the applicable centre and driven in. Additional posts are then positioned at appropriate centres along the Nicospan and driven in.

Some of the poles (no more than 50%) may be positioned outside the Nicospan. Doing this encourages invertebrate access.

To encourage vegetation, grass seed can be sown in the area of turf immediately behind the Nicospan or in the soil on top of the bank. Enkamat Ecofelt or Bestmann coir pallets can be placed on top of the pond or lake bank to enhance the appearance of the slope or berm and to increase protection. Planting aquatic emergent species is something that should also be considered. These can be planted behind the Nicospan or inside unused pockets, which have been held open with suitable sized stones or post off-cuts.

We supply Nicospan products for pond, lake, river and canal banks and full installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about Nicospan products or pond and lake maintenance, bank erosion protection for lakes, ponds and rivers or our fishery and consultancy services, please email [email protected], call 0800 3891990.