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Log Plastic Pile

Our log pile was launched to add to the already extensive piling range and fill a much needed gap in the markets demand for such a great product. From many months of development, totally unique in its construction, this new inovative log pile has been designed to replicate the appearance of wood logs.

This log pile is the ultimate solution to applications which require a ‘hard engineering’ solution but have a desire for a more eye appealing, environmentally friendly product. Log pile has been covered externally with a timber looking composite which gives it a totally natural look. Over a period of time this also allows algae or moss to grow on it.

The strength comes from the tubular design which can be used as a retaining structure. As with all the piles we use they are made from 100% recycled material, it’s perfect for use in situations where the heavy weight steel piling options are not practical and equally suitable in natural habitats.

This product has been designed to weather naturally and in exactly the same way as natural wood. The fascia of this pile can also be treated with a water-based wood stain if required.

For the full specifications of the Log Pile material, click here.

Log Pile Applications

Designed for the more aesthetic jobs this pile will look great in any location.  Our log pile has fantastic bank retention ability. It can also be used by the Rail Network to construct track side worker refuges and as an effective alternative to concrete surrounds to protect signalling location cases and boxes from land slippages. Thinking of creating a small building such as a fishing lodge or toilet block? This could also be a great product for those uses.

Benefits of using Plastic Piling;

  • Does not rot or rust
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Has no risk from sparking
  • Manufactured in the UK by ourselves, so reduces the environmental impact of the cost of transport
  • Maintains its original appearance over time
  • Not affected by salt water
  • Resistant to the majority of chemicals
  • Resistant to rodent and marine borer attack
  • Can be easily cut or bored
  • Maintenance free
  • Lighter than steel, so easier to handle and transport
  • Has a clean, consistent appearance
  • Available in a number of colours
  • Has the ability to create curved walls and a 90º corner pile is available

We supply Log Pile products for pond, lake, river and canal banks and full installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about Log Pile products or pond and lake maintenance, bank erosion protection for lakes, ponds and rivers or our fishery and consultancy services, please email [email protected], call 0800 3891990.