Gabion Structures

gabion basket construction Gabion StructuresGabions are a recommended and well established tool used in the construction of river walls, drainage channels, revetments, canals, reservoirs, retaining walls, coastal defences and many other applications. A gabion (from the Italian gabbione meaning “big cage”; or gabbia.) is a cage, cylinder or box filled with rocks, concrete, and these are often used to stabilise shorelines, stream and river banks and for river training and flood control. At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we understand the needs of contractors and engineers and can offer a wide range of gabions as standard. These units can be the right option for most design needs. and we can supply cost effectgabion construction 300x225 Gabion Structuresive custom built configurations to customers who require bespoke components.

Usually gabions require  a minimal amount of foundation preparation. Additionally, since gabions provide natural drainage there is often little or no need for any man-made drainage to be provided. Gabions also allow and encourage the establishment of vegetation, and by using the correct type of fill materials the structures can blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings. Heathland Aquatic Engineering are able to provide clients with the most suitable product particularly where gabion constructions are used in conjunction with geosynthetic fabrics. Forming a flexible monolithic structure, gabions can maintain complete structural effectiveness, even on land prone to variable settlement. Made from high tensile wire mesh, every intersection of our gabions is electrically wegabion baskets 300x225 Gabion Structureslded.  In locations where the steel mesh requires protection, we can supply sections that have been assembled using hot dipped galvanised heavy duty steel wire.

Once the Gabions have been placed and filled onsite,  they can be planted using our very own Coir rolls, which form a totally natural cover, Follow the link for more information on coir rolls.

Access considerations are minimal as our gabions arrive on site flat and are then assembled and placed into position prior to filling. To allow for settlement gabions should be overfilled by 20 mm – 50 mm and the dimensions of the material used to fill the gabions should exceed the mesh size.

We supply gabions and coir rolls and installation services to domestic and commercial clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and London and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about gabions or any of our erosion protection products or river maintenance and fishery and consultancy services, please email, call 0800 3891990.