Fish Transportation

Safe And Secure Fish Transportation 

Our Fish Transportation Service is a highly efficient and reliable service available throughout the UK and Europe. Heathland Aquatic Engineering is fully licensed by CEFAS with a Type 2 certificate, which means we are approved as a long distance transporter and we are able to transport any fish stock to any location within the European Union without restrictions.

All our vehicles are installed with the latest technology, oil-less air systems, oxygen diffusing equipment, cab oxygen monitoring and video monitoring. Our vehicles are fully covered by emergency breakdown should the unlikely happen. Due to the unique set-up of the transport units, the lives of the fish are maintained without the use of vehicle electrics as the fish storage units and the vehicle electrics are completely independent.

Most of the customers that use our specialist fish transport service are people moving house. We take all the stress out of moving your fish from your old house to your new house and you can rest assured that your fish are in safe hands and will arrive at their new home in good, healthy condition.

We will collect the fish from your home at the time you chose, fill our tanks with the pond water the fish are acclimatised to and then load the fish ready for their journey to their new home. During the journey they will be supplied with a high volume dosage of diffused air through a unique air system developed by ourselves. The system is fully monitored to ensure the fish are transported in full comfort until they arrive at their final destination. Should they require higher volumes of oxygen, maybe due to altitude or extreme temperature changes, then we have oxygen available on board for these rare occurrences. Once the fish arrive at their new home they will be unloaded and acclimatised to the new water conditions.

Our track record to date is zero fish deaths and we plan to keep it that way. Obviously stress cannot be helped when moving fish but we certainly do everything in our power to make sure the fish are transported in top condition and that stress is kept to a minimum for both the fish and their owners.

Who Can Use Our Fish Transport Service?

    • Domestic home owners moving within the UK
    • Domestic home owners moving throughout Europe
    • Commercial office moves within the UK
    • Commercial office moves throughout Europe
    • Angling organisations
    • Public Sector
    • Fishery transportation and relocation

It’s our aim to ensure that your fish arrive at their new destination in perfect condition. We fully understand the value of fish to our clients and our caring and professional approach to transporting your fish means that there are no problems along the way.

For a quotation for this service please email complete with the postcodes or addresses for the collection and delivery locations. Call us on 0800 3891990.