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Aquatic raking - environmentally friendly pond weed removal

We have been using this method for several years and it has become very well known for being one of the most environmentally friendly forms of aquatic weed control in today’s market. In the past weed cutting was the standard procedure used by many but this can leave lakes with a much higher growth rate and initial spread of the invading weed. Cutting only allows for an initial clearing of any invading aquatic or pond weed, after time this will re-grow and may become much thicker and spread to areas where it once didn't exist, so it's not a viable solution to many pond weed problems,  in many cases.

Aquatic Weed Rake Design

Our aquatic weed rake has a bespoke design and is a fully adjustable weed raking system. It's suitable for all species of rooted aquatic weeds and other invasive water plant species. The reach on this system is unlimited and offers a complete raking solution for any lake or inland waterway.  The pictures below demonstrate just one pull through a small lake, each pull can remove up to one ton of weed and fill one "8 yard" skip.

How is Aquatic raking achieved?

waterfern weed removal 300x225 Aquatic Weed Raking ServicesThe Aquatic rake is either taken out over the submerged weed bed by boat or by using a shuttling system where we are able to send the rake back and forth over the affected areas. Shuttling can be done from the bank with no need for boats. Should the rake become stuck in underwater debris we are able to lift it clear in seconds by taking up tension on both sides to raise it to the water surface.

When pulled across the target area, the rake drags up the weed, along with the entire root/rhizome system and any associated detritus. It also agitates sediments that increase the turbidity in the water, thus reducing light penetration and restricting photosynthesis needed for regrowth.

Because the roots of the weed are targeted, we achieve far longer periods of control without experiencing the risks commonly associated with herbicide use, such as oxygen crashes, which are caused by the abrupt breakdown of large quantities of rotting weed on the lake bed. Targeting the roots reduces environmental toxicity concerns, which can threaten expensive fish stocks as well as protecting flora and fauna.

The system also penetrates the surface of the lake bed, allowing for all bad and rotten gasses to escape and aiding in the recovery of the bed.

We supply our aquatic and pond weed raking services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about pond and lake aquatic weed removal please email, call 0800 3891190 or 0800 3891990.