Aquatic Herbicide Treatments

Aquatic herbicide treatments for ponds and lakes - Pond and lake maintence at Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk







Aquatic weed can destroy the water quality in your lake, pond or river

Aquatic weeds or Pond weed as it’s often called,  can be a huge problem when it comes to the management of a ponds, rivers or lakes as it’s extremely difficult to keep under control. Often after removing weeds by hand or machine, Heathland Aquatic Engineering are called in to treat the weeds with a herbicide to destroy them.   Herbicides are one of the most effective ways of weed control,  however the use of herbicides can have a major impact on the ecosystem if not used correctly, not just in the subject pond, lake or river but also in the surrounding area.

Our staff at Heathland Aquatic Engineering are highly trained and certified to the highest level, which means we can carry out herbicide applications legally, safely and effectively.  We also liaise with the Environment agency on behalf of our customers to make the job hassle free. It is a legal requirement to be certified with a PA6 AW / CW certificate to allow application of herbicide in or near lakes, ponds, rivers or another waterway.

Explore all weed removal possibilities

Before using a herbicide you should first consider all other ways of controlling pond weeds.  You can control weeds manually, by using hand tools to physically pull the weed out or mechanically using weed raking equipment, which ponds UK can also do from a boat or from the banks of the lake. If using a herbicide is the only way to control the problem, we want to be sure that the herbicide is used properly, in line with the product label, and by our suitably qualified staff.

Before applying a herbicide to a lake or pond, the environment agency have to be informed that you are considering taking this action. We liaise with the environment agency on behalf of our clients making the process more simple for our customers.

Permission for herbicide use from the Environment Agency

The Environment agency will ask for certain information and they will also only give their agreement if we provide all the information they ask for in the application form. The information we provide helps them to decide whether:

  • We will do everything necessary to protect the environment
  • The proposed treatment will be effective
  • Any sites downstream will be affected by the proposed treatment
  • It is necessary to use herbicide
  • You are following the rules and regulations on using herbicides
  • Your operator or contractor is fully qualified
  • The herbicides will only be applied in the correct weather conditions, following the advice on the product label, to keep the risk of pollution to a minimum.

The Health and Safety Executive,  has legal responsibility for controlling non-aerial applications of aquatic herbicides. They do this through their Chemicals Regulation Directorate. The only exception to this is if a water pollution offence is committed, in which case the Environment agency have the legal powers to prosecute (under section 85 of the Water Resources Act 1991).

How herbicide use can affects others

You must ensure that the herbicides you use will not affect anyone else using the site, or any water body or watercourse downstream of the site, such as water:

  • Drunk by livestock
  • Used for crop irrigation
  • Used by fisheries
  • Used as drinking water

We would also have to give details of the proposed use of herbicide to anyone likely to be affected by it including;

  • Anyone using the site to extract water
  • People who own or use land or water downstream of the site.

Heathland Aquatic Engineering are happy to advise and answer any questions you may have about the use of herbicides, and we are happy to visit sites and offer the best solutions to tackle any aquatic weed problems. We operate in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, throughout the UK and on occasions in mainland Europe. Follow the link for more information on aquatic weed management and  the management of lakes ponds or rivers or alternatively email or call 0800 3891990.