Aquatic Weed Management

Aquatic weed boat clearing aquatic weeds on a stretch of river or canal - Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk Suffolk, EssexAquatic weed only becomes a problem if left un-managed and allowed to grow completely out of control. Once an invasive weeds becomes established in a body of water it is very difficult to completely remove the weed and sometimes it becomes impossible. So at Heathland Aquatic we offer a range of services to suit all budgets and weed types as different aquatic weed may require different treatments and handling.

Removing Duckweed from a pond, lake or river - Heathland Aquatic Weed removal services, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and UK

Weed Management services

Aquatic plants and weed pose the following risks when left un-managed;

  • Flooding risk due to waterway choking
  • Increase silting levels which will increase the need for future and repeated dredging
  • Recreational sports can become affected by the weed, causing problems for boat craft and fishing locations
  • Sluices, filtration equipment and pumps can become blocked by detached or floating weed
  • During the decomposition stages of the weeds life cycle, it maybe possible to see a reduction in oxygen levels which will kill stocks, wildlife and possibly release nasty odours
  • Aquatic weeds can have a choking affect on other aquatic plant life such as Lillie’s, reducing their growth or even hindering their growth completely by reducing light levels

There are several key aspects to the successful management of aquatic weed and plants, the main ones are as follows;

  • Clearly try to identify the weed or plant type
  • Identify the growing patterns, locations and habitats
  • Possible causes of the outbreak, is there local land which is regularly treated with fertilisers?
  • Seek advice as to the best times to treat the weed problem you have?
  • Ascertain the best method or combined methods of removal

We offer a rapid response to all aquatic weed and plant management problems along with an assured technical advice on how our services can provide you with the correct solution to your pond weed problem. To speak to one of our consultants simply call us on 0800 3891990 or send over an email to On receipt of your enquiry we will ask a series of questions to quickly help us understand the problem and compile the most appropriate solution.