Water Management Services, Lakes, Ponds, Reservoirs, Canals - Heathland Aquatic EngineeringManagement of any waterway, pond, lake, river or fishery can be a very daunting task. After all, constructing a pond or lake is only the beginning of owning a body of water and for it to be successful, time, care and a carefully constructed management plan are required. Thankfully, Heathland Aquatic Engineering has a highly skilled team of engineers and consultants on hand to help.

pond and lake plant and water management - Heathland Aquatic Engineering EssexIt is vital to sustain a healthy, working environment both above and below the water surface. Weeds, aeration, silt, erosion and fish stocks are just some of the areas which need to be monitored during the course of a year for your pond or lake to stay healthy. Heathland Aquatic Engineering are able to offer advice and a variety of services to help you maintain a healthy and well managed waterway.

Our services are available to everyone including agencies, local authorities, commercial sites, business premises, estate owners, hotels, golf clubs and private home owners. Our team of consultants and our highly qualified engineers have first class skills and give us the ability to offer everyone the same professional service whatever the reason might be for contacting us.

Whatever your goals for the management of your pond, lake, river, canal or reservoir, Heathland Aquatic Engineering are able to help and support your project in a professional and friendly manner, from offering initial advice to planning and executing a fully-tailored water management solution – you tell us what you need done and we will do everything in our power to make sure the goal is achieved in the most environmentally-friendly, safe and cost effective way.

We supply all equipment and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, London and the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our products or water management for ponds, lakes, rivers, canals or reservoirs including fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.