Basic Flow Pattern Fountains

Aquamaster basic flow fountains from Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk and London.This cluster of water patterns is easily interchanged with one another to make a range of patterns which require no additional water alignment setup. Very easy to install and create some truly stunning fountain displays.

Its very simple to change any of this group of nozzles and create a totally new display of your choice. This means that should you wish to have a new display, you can do so without the need of a qualified engineer or high costs of a new fountain.

Built to last, easy to maintain with a first-class warranty and service which will provide you with a hassle free water display you will enjoy for years to come. You can even add lighting at anytime you like, spread the costs over a few years or go all out and equip your new fountain with a high quality lighting package from the very start. Reliable LED technology from the biggest and most successful fountain producer in the world.

There are a few options for mooring and anchoring your new fountain, many choose the use of anchors to keep the mounting points concealed below the waterline but if ease of access is required it is possible to use bank mooring kits which are very easy to install.

Master series basic flow fountains from Heathland Aquatic EngineeringWe can supply Aquamaster’s fountains and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our fountains or lake construction, lake maintenance, lake design, water management or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.