Floating Lake Fountains

Creating beauty with water using the very best in Lake Fountain technology.

Fountains are a great way to improve on the visual appeal of any lake, weather you are looking to use it for a Public park, Hotel feature, Golf Course or a grand display in a city centre, we have it all right here. Using a Floating Lake Fountain has many benefits over the traditional pump systems which are generally mounted on the bottom of a lake bed. Debris is always a problem, with items becoming regularly caught in standard pumps and then causing the them to overheat and fault. With our range of lake fountains you will see much less loss of suction and your display fountain will run 24/7 without loosing its height. Ultimately this will also reduce the requirement for maintenance and again reduce running costs.

Our Floating Lake Fountains are beyond a simple pump with a float and display nozzle, they are specially designed units which have a clear passageway through the pump and propellers meaning no blockages or stalling of the pump. The latest technology now offers improved power efficiency and they all come complete with high specification oil filled motors which greatly extend motor life. Many of our longterm customers that have been benefiting from maintenance programs are witnessing the results with their fountains still running well after 10 years.

Combine Lake Aeration with your fountain, increase performance and reduce costs.

The demand for quality products is high and we only ever want to return to a smiling customer so for us reliability is the key. Here are some of the items to consider when buying your fountain, are you getting these from your choice of supplier?

  • High performance and flow rates.
  • Reliability and low maintenance.
  • Reduced blockages.
  • Product longevity.
  • Reduced running costs.
  • A warranty thats guaranteed.

Well the good news is that all of the above requirements have been met with staggering results;

  • High Performance¬†– High flow rates and staggering performance are always one of the priorities, in most circumstances our units are being installed for both visual appeal and to aid in aerating the lake. This means high flow rates are a must but reduced running costs must also be one of the main considerations. We have worked hard to create the perfect balance.
  • Reliability¬†/ Longevity – All of the Floating Lake Fountains come complete with 3 years Warranty but you will have the opportunity to extend this another 2 years. The design of the fountains has always been based around using high end drives with environmentally safe, oil filled motors which extends the life well beyond the normal limits. We have seen installed and maintained units still running after 10 years.
  • Reduced Blockages – Many of the cheaper Floating Lake Fountains still use traditional centrifugal pumps to transfer water, this means narrow chambers and fine grills which are easy to block. With our range of fountains you will never see a centrifugal pump, we have larger grills with increased surface areas to reduce suction flows coupled with technology to stop debris jamming.
  • Reduced Running Costs – No longer a need for large, inefficient motors which burn power and move very little water. All our motor technology is the very latest with means vastly increased performance and high transfer water flows without the electric bill racing out of control.

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