Lake Fountains

Lake fountains offer the lake owner the opportunity the give a real visual impact to their property. Maybe you manage an urban park, large corporate lake, wedding venue or simply have a lake at home which you want to add a special water display? The fountains here are most suited to waters over 05. acres or more, for smaller water bodies you should visit our pond fountains section on this site. All lakes, large or small can provide both beauty and function in either a residential or commercial setting with many offering one of the following purposes;

  • Parks and outside venues
  • Small fishing pond
  • Commercial feature lake
  • Simple fountain pools as features to locations such as hotels, wedding venues or corporate premises
  • Golf Course lakes
  • Many more…….

Most of the time Floating Water Fountains are a key feature to a venues lake and reliability, ease of maintenance and longevity are the key to making the wow factor a success in your lake.

Keys reasons for having a lake fountain?

Other than the obvious aesthetic reasons, a lake fountain makes a fantastic centrepiece and will always attract visitors. In smaller shallower lakes a fountain will also aid with the transfer of much needed oxygen but it will also assist with water circulation and both improve the conditions for aquatic life and the visibility of the water. Small and shallow lakes will be less affected by wind movement so can suffer ecological imbalances more easily, this can lead to excessive lake weed growth, vegetation, algal blooms of which can often lead to foul smelling water. A lake fountain will help improve the dissolved oxygen levels of the water and help to keep the ecological balance stable.

Our wide range of lake fountains

All of the Floating Water Fountains are suitable for creating eye catching and breathtaking displays while also offering support to keeping the levels of aeration in good order. They are all built to extremely high standards, incorporating the very best in modern fountain technology, motor drives and control systems. Our fountain lighting is also setting the highest standard for things to come, using ultra bright low energy technology which gives crisp colour to all the water displays.

Click on the Images or Links below to see our range of floating lake fountains, fountain lighting and bespoke floating lake fountains.