Lake FAQ’s

FAQs on Lakes, Lake management, lake maintenance & Redevelopoment - Heathland Aquatic EngineeringThere are many questions when it comes to  constructing or maintaining a lake or simply managing such a project. Below are the 10 questions we’ve been asked the most since our company first started.

Are you able to operate throughout the United Kingdom for lake construction, lake maintenance and lake management services?

All of our services in the lake category are available to all clients throughout the UK. This includes all lake maintenance, lake construction, lake design and lake management services.

Will you help with the design and the planning process for a new lake build?

We offer a full consultancy service which includes lake design and support with the local planning control office.

Will I need to line my lake?

The answer to this question depends on your geographical location and the quality of the clay materials that already exist on site. It may be possible to import natural clay, which is suitable for sealing the lake, failing this it would be possible to supply and install a liner such as HDPE, EPDM rubber or GCL (Geosynthetic Clay Liner). Although these materials are man-made, it would still be possible to achieve a natural looking finish to the new lake.

Is all the work on my lake guaranteed?

New lake builds and construction projects come complete with a 3 year guarantee. If however the work is more a redevelopment of an existing lake, then we offer a 1 year guarantee, as we are unable to guarantee another company’s previous works. Some of the liners we use come complete with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 25 years and in some cases a lifetime guarantee.

Do you supply aquatic pond plants?

We can design a full planting program for your lake, supplying all aquatic plants and installing them where and when required. All of our pond plants are of extremely high quality and no minimum quantities apply.

Can we set up a lake maintenance contract?

Our lake maintenance and management contracts are structured to run through four seasons of the year with all aspects covered, including aquatic plant maintenance, silt digestion, alpha silt products, water quality testing and fish stock management.

Can you remove silt from the lake and offer a dredging service?

Yes, we offer a dredging service for all lakes, small and large. We have several options available which include mechanical silt dredging, hydraulic or suction dredging and also silt digestion services with our AlphaSilt products. 

I have green water in my lake, can you help improve this?

The green water is caused by algae.  We are the UK distributer for the LG Sonic algae control units, which include the Basic, e-line and MPC buoy products. We have installed many of these over the years and each and every unit has brought algae clear results to every lake they’ve been used in.  LG Sonic algae control units are quality products that produce top class results. 

We are looking for a water fountain, can you help?

As the UK distributer for Aquamaster water fountains, we are able to offer the biggest range of fountains available on today’s market. The quality of these products sets standards never seen before in the UK and the displays produced are simply breath-taking.

Oxygen levels in our lake are low, what can we do to improve this?

As shown in the comments above we are the UK distributer for Aquamaster water fountains which includes a large range of aeration units. The quality is simply the best we have ever seen and result in clearer water conditions in lakes in extremely short periods of time. These aerators are all available with lighting, which means you can achieve high dissolved oxygen rates with a breath taking water display at the same time. 

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