Lake Aquatic Chalk

Heathlands Lake Aquatic Chalk is a cost effective and natural solution to reduce the organic silt levels within a lake. Lake Aquatic Chalk not only reduces the silt levels in a lake, but also improves the water quality and general biodiversity of the lake, as it helps to support all forms of life within the environment of the water.

Lake Aquatic Chalk recycles the organic material within the lake, so it’s extremely favourable to the ecosystem and will increases the biodiversity of the lake.  It doesn’t harm plants or animals and as such is completely environmentally friendly.

What is Lake Aquatic Chalk?

Lake Aquatic Chalk is calcium carbonate often referred to as chalk. At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we’ve worked very hard over the years with many different suppliers to find the very best product available to make sure it is highly penetrative and extremely porous. Our Lake Aquatic Chalk consists of minute particles that are extremely sensitive to the environment and safe to all fish life, plant life and all other creatures that can be found in aquatic environments.

Why would you use Lake Aquatic Chalk?

  1. Aquatic chalk will increase the levels of oxygenation and will help stimulate aerobic micro-organisms in your lake.
  2. It naturally eliminates organic and oxidisable material, which manifests itself as a reduction in the lake silt levels.
  3. Lake Aquatic Chalk improves water clarity by suspending waterborne solids.
  4. It causes a clear reduction in methane production, which is normally produced from the silt body.
  5. Lakes will see a natural reduction in water and silt acidity
  6. Improved calcium level will provide support for the plant life and wildlife within the lake.
  7. Increases the biodiversity within the lake water bodies

Where to use Heathland Lake Aquatic Chalk?

Our Lake Aquatic Chalk can be used in all freshwater lake environments, including ornamental lakes, wildlife lakes, fishing lakes and stock lakes where organic silt is a potential problem. Our chalk can also be used to increase the PH and reduce acidity levels, in situations where the reduction in PH and high acidity is seen.

Why and how does Lake Aquatic Chalk work?

It is important to understand what silt is. It’s an organic matter that consists of an amount of sand and clay combined with water, to form the soft mass we all know as silt. This is a natural process, and silt will collect in any lake when micro-organisms that would normally be in abundance to feed on the organic matter are no longer there. The reduction in these important micro-organisms is normally because of decreased oxygen levels and an increase in acidity.

The microscopic lake aquatic chalk particles are able to penetrate deep into the surface silt layer and once again create the perfect environment for the natural micro-organisms to re-establish and digest the organic matter. The result is the natural reduction of silt and a reduced silt volume in the lake.

Lake Aquatic Chalks will always work best when the silt is both high in organic content and increased acidity.

How to apply Lake Aquatic Chalk?

We supply our lake aquatic chalk in 25kg sacks and aquatic chalk can be applied by simply sprinkling or spreading it over the water surface. When treating larger areas of water the use of a boat may be required to allow even application to all areas.

It’s  important that whereever lake aquatic chalk is used, the entire lake is treated not just certain sections where it may look most in need. The general rule is that 1 tonne of chalk is used per surface acre of water, with two doses six months apart for the first year and then yearly applications following this initial period.

This method can greatly reduce the cost of heavier forms of silt removal such as dredging, it will also allow the costs to be spread over a number of years rather than one large cost which may not be available.

Ordering Lake Aquatic Chalk

Aquatic chalk is available in any order quantity, over three tonnes we suggest calling for best prices;

Collected from our office / prices exclude vat.

  • 25kg Bag – £22.00
  • 1 Tonne Collected – £150.00
  • 2 Tonnes Collected – £300.00
  • 3 Tonnes Collected – £450.00

Delivered to Zone 1 and 2 / prices include vat.

  • 1 Tonne Delivered – £243.00
  • 2 Tonnes Delivered – £486.00
  • 3 Tonnes Delivered – £675.00

Call for delivery over 3 tonnes