Lake Aeration

Lake Aeraton - Lake Aerators supplied and fitted by Heathland Aquatic Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex UK

Aeration and Water Management for Lakes

Lake aerators can be make dull flat bodies of water beautiful and give them life and a visual boost. Aerators can throw astonishing volumes of water into the air, in breathtaking patterns, which then fall back to the lake surface. This activity means that aerators serve two purposes, visual appeal being the first, but also they provide aeration for your lake, helping to keep the water oxygenated, healthy, clear and beautiful.

We have supplied and installed aeration units to a huge range of clients including

  • Golf clubs
  • Hotels
  • Spas
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants
  • Local authority parks
  • Private homes

A display aerator can be customised to suit any specifications and are spectacular by day and even more so at night with our added lighting options to create an immersive breathtaking scene. It’s important to remember though that not only do they create a beautiful look,  but they y0ur aerator is helping with the natural balance of life within the lake by aerating the water.