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A Complete Lake, Pond, Reservoir, River and Canal Service

We offer our clients a complete service including Wildlife pond design and construction services, water management services for ponds, lakes, rivers, canals and reservoirs.

Other River, Canal, Marina and Boatyard Services

  • River bank erosion work,
  • Revetment construction and maintenance,
  • Dredging of ponds
  • Marinas and boat yards,
  • Specialist marine and waterway piling services,
  • Marina and boat yard construction and maintenance.

We also supply all the related materials for pond and lake construction projects, such as piling materials, pumps, water display equipment, fountains and aeration units.  And via our Fountains and Aerators pages you can see the extensive range of lake fountains, pond fountains, lake and reservoir aerators and pond aerators we are able to provide.


Pond Dredging

Pond Silt Surveys

Commercial Feature Pond Construction

Commercial Feature Pond Management

Wildlife Pond Construction

Wildlife Pond Management

Pond Fountains

Pond Aeration


Lake Management

Lake Piling

Lake Aeration

Lake Fountains

Lake Silt Surveys


Reservoir Silt Surveys

Reservoir Aeration


River Management

River Piling

River Air Curtain Weed Barriers

River Silt Surveying


Canal Management

Canal Piling

Canal Silt Surveying

Canal Air Curtain Weed Barriers


Wildlife Habitat Creation

Wildlife Habitat Management

Aquatic Plants

Wildlife Pond Lining

Fishery Aeration

Fishery Silt Surveys


Piling and Bank Protection

Hydrographic Silt Surveys

Floating Safety Barriers

Pipe Floats

Pontoon and Docking

Plastic Boats

Heathland Aquatic Engineering can help with all aspects of pond maintenance,  design and construction and we offer the same services for lakes and reservoirs.  We can also provide services for rivers and canals including dredging, erosion of river banks and refurbishment works, so contact us on 0800 3891990 or email us at [email protected].