Fishery Aquatic Chalks

Heathland’s fishery aquatic chalk is a natural and very cost effective way to reduce the organic silt levels within a fishery. By using fishery aquatic chalk not only are the silt levels within the water body reduced but the general water quality and biodiversity of the fishery will be improved to encourage all forms of life. Fishery aquatic chalk is absolutely environmentally friendly will not harm plants, fish or animals.

Because it reprocesses the organic material within the fishery it’s greatly advantageous to the ecosystem and helps boost biodiversity.

What is fishery aquatic chalk?

Fishery aquatic chalk is calcium carbonate also known as chalk. Over the years we have worked very hard with a large range of suppliers to find the very best quality available to ensure it’s highly penetrative and extremely porous. Our fishery Aquatic Chalk consists of small particles, which are very sensitive to the environment and safe to all wildlife,  flora and fauna that can be found in Fisheries.

Why would you use fishery aquatic chalk?

  1. It removes organic and oxidisable matter  and the end result is a reduction in the ponds silt levels.
  2. It helps encourage aerobic micro-organisms and increases levels of oxygenation.
  3. Water clarity is improved by suspended waterborne solids are settled.
  4. Fishery aquatic chalk can also bring about a clear reduction in methane production, which would normally be produced from the silt body.
  5. Ponds will see a natural reduction in water and silt acidity
  6. Improved calcium level will provide support for the plant life and wildlife within the pond.
  7. Fisher aquatic chalk increases the biodiversity within the ponds and lakes.

Where would you use Heathland fishery aquatic chalk?

Our fishery aquatic chalk can be used in all freshwater environments. In situations where the reduction in PH and high acidity is seen, our chalk can also be used to increase the PH and reduce acidity levels.

Why and how does aquatic chalk work?

 Silt is an organic matter, It includes sand and clay, combined with water, which then forms the soft mass we all know as silt. This is a process that occurs in any fishery when micro-organisms that would normally be in abundance to feed on the organic matter are no longer present.

The decline in these important micro-organisms is normally due to a rise in acidity and below average oxygen levels. The microscopic fishery aquatic chalk particles are able to permeate deep into the surface silt layer and create the perfect environment for the natural micro-organisms to re-establish and once again begin to digest the organic matter, from this the natural reduction of silt occurs along with a reduced silt volume.

Fishery aquatic chalks always works best when the silt is both abundant in organic content and increased acidity.

How to apply aquatic chalk in your fishery?

All of our chalk is supplied in 25kg sacks  The chalk can be applied by simply spreading over the water surface. When treating larger areas of water, a boat may be of use to allow even application to all areas.

In all situations it is important that the entire fishery is treated and not just the worst areas or areas of preference. General rules are to use 1 tonne of chalk per surface acre of water, allowing a single dose every six months for the first year and then yearly after this.

This method can greatly reduce the cost of heavier forms of silt removal such as dredging, it will also allow the costs to be spread out rather than one large outlay, which might be unaffordable.

Ordering Fishery Aquatic Chalk

The Fishery chalk is available in any order quantity, over three tonnes we suggest calling for best prices;

Collected from our office / prices exclude vat.

  • 25kg Bag – £22.00
  • 1 Tonne Collected – £150.00
  • 2 Tonnes Collected – £300.00
  • 3 Tonnes Collected – £450.00

Delivered to Zone 1 and 2 / prices include vat.

  • 1 Tonne Delivered – £243.00
  • 2 Tonnes Delivered – £486.00
  • 3 Tonnes Delivered – £675.00

Call for delivery over 3 tonnes

We supply aquatic chalk and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London, Kent and the whole of the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about aquaculture, fish farming, fisheries management, fish stock and fishery consultancy services, please email call 0800 3891990