AirEco Diffused Fishery Aerator

The AirEco diffused aerator is the very best on todays market for the smaller scaled Fisheries up 6 acres in size. These are not the common shop bought diffused air aerators, but a very hardy industrial version which is built to run large volumes of air 365 days of the year. If you require a larger aerator for a greater water volume, we have the AirPro Aerator which is available.

These units are very basic to install, designed to run 24/7 and require servicing only once every two years to keep performance at a good level.

Unit is available in single phase / 230 volt only.


Heathland Aquatic Engineering has a fully stocked servicing centre at its disposal for all of your maintenance, servicing and repair needs. We also offer all of our clients a winterising and servicing package to make sure that your investment continues to run to the best of its capabilities for years to come.

Benefits and Features of the AirEco Diffused Fishery Aerator

    •  Simple Plug and Play operation.
    • Very Low operating costs.
    • Will operate in very shallow water.
    • No electrical components required in the waterbody.
    • Very reliable, virtually silent and low maintenance.
    • Manifolds constructed of brass and stainless for winter operation. (most of the competitions units are plastic)
    • Ships in one box / site installation available.
    • No loud water movement or splashing.
    • Self weighted Air Tubing.
    • 304mm diffuser tube length.
    •  2 Year Warranty.

AirEco Diffused Fishery Aerator Installation Services

We offer a full installation service for all our aeration equipment, this can include the following options;

      • Full cabling and trenching
      • Control panel installation and setup
      • Aerator installation

We can supply aerators and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our aeration products please email or call 0800 3891990.