Canal Air Curtain Weed Barriers

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What are canal air curtain weed barriers?

Canal air curtain weed barriers are a system created by Heathland Aquatic Engineering to help keep weeds and debris out of certain areas of your water body.  Air is diffused from the bed of the canal and works its way to the surface where it erupts causing a pushing motion which creates a barrier. Debris drifting up and down canals can become a problem if you own a marina or simply have an area of canal, which is at the end of the line and free flow is not possible. The areas can become choked with rubbish and vegetation that has drifted there, so it’s great if you can create a barrier naturally and stop this from occurring.

The design of this system is unique to Heathland Aquatic Engineering and we are able to supply this solution around the world. We have also seen good results in salt water environments and have used the system to keep seaweed out of marinas, again this has worked to good effect.

The width of the canal or opening to the marina has no effect on the results and the system can be reconfigured to suit any shape, size and depth. All pipe lines are weighted to enable them to be kept out of harms way.

Air curtain equipment

Cabinet for 1m to 6m air curtain barriers

  • Powdered coated aluminium outdoor enclosure features a limited lifetime warranty
  • 24 hour timer
  • 6? high-output cooling fan included
  • 24? x 24? x 3? Polypropylene equipment base comes standard with every cabinet eliminating the need for a footing at site unless secured anchoring is required

Compressor for curtain barriers

  • Canal air curtain barriers, prevent pond weed build up in marinas - Heathand Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex1/2 HP dual piston Oil free compressors
  • Quiet operation – Rated at less than 65 decibels
  • Maintenance kits available to optimise life expectancy
  • Compressors feature a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

AirPod™ diffusers

  • Diffuser membranes are self-cleaning
  • Diffuser bases are self-weighted
  • Check valves incorporated to prevent back-flow
  • Diffusers release air inches from the pond bottom while still preventing disruption of settled organics
  • Alternative disc diffuser membranes are available
  • Diffuser membranes feature thousands of minute holes to optimise smaller air bubbles, entraining more water and creating greater volumes of water movement
  • Diffusers feature a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

Anchor-line™ self-weighted air tubing

  • Lead-free construction
  • 3/8? ID tubing for shorter runs
  • 5/8? ID tubing for long runs and maximum efficiency
  • AnchorLine™ self-weighted air tubing features a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty

Heathland Aquatic Engineering undertake a range of maintenance work on canals

Heathland Aquatic Engineering undertake all sorts of maintenance work that ensures canals run clear and free. Our team of professional engineers are on call 24/7 to support our customers with any emergency.

We are based in Norfolk but we supply all the necessary equipment and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any canal services such as dredging, plant and weed clearance, erosion control, bank stabilisation,  canal redevelopment or any other aspect of canal management please email or call 0800 3891990.