Fishing Pontoons and Swimming platforms for lakes and ponds

Fishing platforms and pontoons are constructed in many shapes and sizes. They are built to suit all the variations in depths and contours of the lakes or rivers you might find. They may also be constructed to provide access for the disabled, or simply for the launching and mooring of boats and other craft?

Heathland Aquatic Engineering offer a full fishing, swim, platform and pontoon construction package. All the materials are hard wearing and require very little maintenance. We include a 15 year warranty against material rot. All of our Pontoons are normally constructed from very dense, untreated Amazonian oak and the fittings and fixtures are galvanised or stainless steel. Only in extreme cases where budget is of importance, do we use softer woods (there is no warranty issued with softwoods). Most of the applications are unique in the sense that we don’t build a standard unit which slots straight into place, what you see above water may look the same but it’s what is going on under the water that’s different.

So maybe you’re looking to construct a pontoon over your residential lake or pond and will simply use it for entertaining? Not to worry as we build these as well, and to any specification.

When constructing any feature over, or near, a pond, lake or river, it is vital to make certain no chemicals or dangerous materials are seeping from the timbers. They must be untreated. Because of this, to achieve any reasonable length of life from the materials, we would suggest the use of oak. Oak comes in many varieties, some much denser than others and it’s these dense woods we use because they offer a much greater strength against the harsh conditions common during the colder months. The downside to using these hard wood timbers is the initial costs but, by paying that little bit extra, you will be gaining many more years of use.

We supply all the required materials to build pontoons, fishing, entertaining or swimming platforms and full installation services to domestic and commercial clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, London and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information about any of our pontoons and platforms or other development for lakes and ponds, or fishery and consultancy services, please email, call 0800 3891990.