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The Benefits of Wildlife Pond Construction

A Wildlife Pond can be an Environmental Haven. An ecologically balanced Wildlife Pond can promote plant life and aquatic life as well as encourage other animals to use the pond as a water source.Due to the continued changes that occur every day to our environments. It's becoming more important than ever to protect our countryside‚Äôs…
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Fishing Pontoons and Swimming platforms for lakes and ponds

Fishing platforms and pontoons are constructed in many shapes and sizes. They are built to suit all the variations in depths and contours of the lakes or rivers you might find. They may also be constructed to provide access for the disabled, or simply for the launching and mooring of boats and other craft? Heathland…
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Over the last few years Waterscaping has experienced somewhat of a re-birth. There has been a huge surge in the interest in ponds and waterfalls. Whether the economic climate has played its part in encouraging people to stay at home and make the most of their surroundings remains to be seen. However, with the stresses…
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Aquatic habitat improvement for rivers

We are Heathland Group Limited and its our mission to look after the environment in your river and to make it a better place for you, and the future generations that will want to enjoy our countryside. The environment is the air you breathe, the ground you walk on and the water you drink. We…
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