Otter Fencing

Otter fencing for lakes and ponds - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and LondonOtter predation is a growing problem

Due to the increase in the otter population throughout the UK, otter fencing is becoming very popular because it’s really the only guaranteed, legal way of protecting fishing lakes and fish farms from the ever growing threat of otter predation.

The reintroduction of otters to the UK from 1983 onwards,  has mainly been in the East Anglian region. This created some considerable problems for many inland fishery owners, clubs and syndicates that were not prepared for the rapid spread of otters throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  Some fishery owners have fallen victim to huge stock losses costing thousands of pounds to replace, and in some instances the losses to fish stock have forced the closure of previously successful businesses.

Eurasian otters will feed on many types of fish species, but they will generally pick on the species that are most abundant in their surrounding environment. Studies show that a 300mm or less fish is the average size taken by otters, but much larger fish are also taken from time to time.

In some water bodies larger fish dominate and this makes them vulnerable to predation.

To insure precious stocks are not lost to otters, the fencing must be installed correctly and to the highest of standards. At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we now use strong, reliable and hard wearing chestnut peal and point posts, coupled with the very best “Class A” galvanised fencing products.

Our otter fencing services 

Our fencing products feature very strong and solid high tensile wires along with Torus knots, which are both bonded under high pressure and offer the insurance of no sharp edges.

Due to the high quality standard of the steel we use for our otter fencing, we are able to offer quicker erection times, as fewer posts are required, and we have also eliminated the weathering stretch seen in most low quality fencing products, which alleviates the need to tighten the otter fencing in the future.

We understand that this can also be a very costly experience for fisheries, fishing clubs and other related organizations, which is why we offer a fast, reliable service backed by a full 2 year installation guarantee on all products used.

We supply all equipment and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice on otter fencing, wildlife fencing, wildlife habitats, fisheries management or any of our other services, please email or call 0800 3891990.