Coir Products

pre established coir roll products Coir ProductsBioengineering with Heathland Aquatic Engineering coir fibre products is a proven approach for efficient, yet sensitive construction and design and erosion control for lakes and river banks. Natural materials and growing vegetation bring together ecological, biological and engineering concepts to both stabilise and vegetate eroding banks on lakes and rivers. Coir fibre products support the development and growth of plants that physically secure the bank or shoreline. Native UK wetland plants used in coir products are selected for their ability to adapt to varied physical conditions and also to create habitats for invertebrates, fish and wildlife.

Lake and River Enhancement Works help with

    • immediate & effective erosion control
    • facing of Nicospan
    • preservation of wildlife habitat
    • year round installation
    • haven for wildlife & invertebrates
    • banks rapid return to its natural state
    • rapid root anchorage to the bank

coir rolls 300x200 Coir ProductsCoir Fibre Rolls

300mm∅ by 3 metres long. They are normally pre-established with suitable UK native aquatic plants, normally six plants per metre (18 plants per roll). Rolls are not installed onsite until the root biomass is established through the roll. All budgets are catered for and we also supply unplanted coir fibre rolls, which can be installed in your fishery and planted by your own staff.

coir pallet 300x247 Coir ProductsCoir Fibre Plant Pallets

Also known as pre-grown aquatic turf, Coir fibre plant pallets come supplied in 0.8m x 1.25m and 1m x 2m lengths respectively. As with the rolls they can be pre-established with UK native aquatic plants or installed unplanted, again all budgets are provided for and we can support you with full site surveys and recommendations. Plant pallets are ideal to cove large areas of erosion quickly or for establishing areas of instant aquatic vegetation where none currently exists.

pre established coir products 300x225 Coir ProductsCoir Fibre Edge Sods

These are specially shaped sods of compressed coir fibre and are pre-established with emergent UK native aquatic plants. As with all of the pre-established coir fibre products they are grown in the UK. Edge sods are used to face up a concrete or stone vertical face, they provide an instant, softer and more aesthetically pleasing view than harsh untreated walls.

We supply all coir fibre product and our installation services to both domestic and commercial clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and London and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about any of our coir products or erosion control, lake or river bank maintenance or fishery and consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990.