Reservoir Algae Control

reservoir algae control Reservoir Algae ControlAlgae in irrigation reservoirs

In many cases irrigation reservoirs don't have much in the way of natural plant life, which in turn means they also have poor biodiversity within them. Nutrient levels can therefore be high and although this may help with the growth of the plants that are watered,  it can also lead to aggressive algal blooms.

These algal blooms can choke pumping systems, be a health hazard to operators on the land and can also allow other types of fungus to form, which can be very harmful to the plants being watered. So, to improve growth it can only make sense to make sure that the water used from your irrigation reservoir is as algal free as possible.

Some farms will cover the reservoir in an attempt to keep out the light that helps fuel the algal growth. Unfortunately, this in turn brings about high water temperatures and stagnated water conditions, which can lead to a flourishing growth of harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms that are not good for crops.

Oxygen saturation is another method of algae control but requires vast amounts of aeration and running costs can be extremely high. Generating enough oxygen within the entire water column to cope with algal blooms is extremely demanding and not cost effective.

Water treatment reservoirs

The demands on a drinking water treatment plant are high.  It has to meet the requirements set by the level of contamination at any given time. The odour and taste of the water in a reservoir can be affected by the growth of algae both prior and during treatment processes.

Any growth of algae, cyanobacteria and other forms of bacteria, which form within the treatment plant will result in an increased requirement for further chemicals and will also apply increased pressure to the filtration systems within the treatment plant. Also when you add additional chemicals, THM or Trihalomethane formation becomes an increased issue.

Cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae as its commonly known, becomes a problem when Geosmin or other increased toxins are found within the system. The results is that the water in the reservoir can end up tasting very unpleasant and earthy.

Suitable Products to control algae in a reservoir

LG Sonic® e-Line control unit 

These LG Sonic units offer the most advanced and technological achievement in ultrasonic algal control in reservoirs and lakes. The chameleon enhanced equipment targets each algal problem as it occurs by changing to the appropriate frequency program.

  • The LG Sonic system will allow for the use of one or more transducers, controlling them independently but without the need for endless amounts of controllers.
  • Maintenance on LG Sonic systems is kept to a minimum, only regular cleaning of the transducer is required, but this is now managed by an automatic wiper system.
  • A GSM/2 function is now available on the LG Sonic e-Line,  to keep the user up to date with what's going on. The system will report back to the online management software and log and update the equipment from a remote location.

For more information relating to the LG Sonic e-Line unit  please click here to download the brochure.

LG Sonic® MPC Buoy monitoring control unit

This LG Sonic MPC Buoy unit offers the user the very best solution in reservoir algae control applications with no requirement for additional power supply or continued maintenance. It also benefits from the latest water quality monitoring equipment, which provides the user with a real-time report of exactly what's happening within their reservoir.

In addition to reporting back and logging the water quality of the reservoir to the user, the LG Sonic MPC Buoy units are able to use this information to predict what's going to be happening in the near future and initiate treatment before a specific type of algal bloom starts to form.

The MPC buoy has a 360 degree coverage and is anchored out of harms way in specific locations within the reservoir.

For more information relating to the LG Sonic MPC Buoy unit please click here to download the brochure.

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