Pond Fountains

Pond Foutains, decorative fountains for ponds and lakes supplied and installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk & NorfolkA pond, even a small one can provide both beauty and function in either a residential or commercial setting.  A pond can have multiple uses as well from the purely visual pleasing aspect of water in a landscape, to fishing pond or commercial applications such a ponds used in property development projects for water retention or as storm water basins.  The smaller a pond is the shallower it tends to be and the requirement for oxygenation in a small shallow pond is great as is the need to circulate the water.  Small and shallow ponds tend to suffer ecological imbalances more easily, which lead to excessive pond weed growth, vegetation and often foul smelling water.

We can offer a variety of solutions to ensure that your small pond is managed well and the  water stays clean and beautiful and free from clogging weeds.  We offer a large range of aerators and fountains to to assist with your water quality management needs that also enhance the natural habitat for aquatic animals and wildlife.

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Aquamaster Pond Fountains supplied & installed by Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex , Suffolk and Norfolk





We can supply a large range of fountains and aerators from Aquamaster and our installation services are available to domestic and commercial clients in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about pond aerators, fountains, fountain lighting and water management pond services please email info@heathlandaquaticengineering.co.uk, call 0800 3891990.