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Pond Construction Services

Thinking of building a Pond? Not sure what ┬ápond filter to use? Not sure how much filtering is required for your pond? We can provide all the professional advice you need when it comes to pond construction and building your new water feature. We meet a lot of people during the course of the year…
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Koi Pond Construction

When it comes to caring for fish at home and creating a pond that will be the envy of the local community, there is a great deal to be said for koi ponds. We are highly experienced in creating koi ponds, so if this is something you have an interest in or would like to…
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Suffolk’s Pond Construction Specialist

Based in Ardleigh just a few miles short of the Suffolk boarder, we offer extensive pond, lake, river and reservoir services throughout the county of Suffolk. Specialists in the Pond Construction and Maintenance sector, all our staff are highly trained in dealing with all ornamental and natural ponds. Whether you're looking to build a new…
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