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Water fountains in Winter?

15% off fountains for your pond or lake November to January - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex and Suffolk

Water fountains working in winter.

Do I need a Fountain in the Winter?

Water fountains are an asset to any water feature, lake or pond at any time of the year. Apart from the wonderful displays of cascading water and sprays being thrown high into the air and the night time appeal of a professionally lit fountain, they are also beneficial to their immediate environment.

During the colder months they help support the lake, pond or water feature by keeping movement on the water surface. In turn this stops freezing and allows oxygen to be dissolved into the water body. Many water features will  freeze during the coldest parts of winter, this can lead to a reduction of oxygen in the water and cause fish deaths and even cause the ecology to completely breakdown.

So that’s why we believe this is a good time to help people by offering 15% discounts on all water fountain equipment during November, December and January.   Just supply this code “WATERF5546” when you call to speak to one of our staff about the huge range of fountains on offer and you will be eligible for this offer. On some of the largest fountains in the range that could be a huge £5000.00 off the normal price.

Take a look at the fountains we can offer by following the link to water fountains and aearation equipment for ponds and lakes. Alternatively, email info@heathlandaquaticengineering.co.uk or call 0800 3891190 or 0800 3891190.