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Rock rolls

Rock rolls are a diverse and cost effective erosion control and bank restoration¬†product that can be used as an alternative to gabions and rock rip rap. They act as small, flexible and permanent gabions for a variety of uses. Not only have our rock rolls been developed for use on their own as an erosion…
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Lake and Reservoir Services

Do your own a Lake or Reservoir? ¬†Do you want to create or construct a Lake or Reservoir? At Heathland Aquatic Engineering we offer a vast range of specialist services, specifically aimed at the construction and management of Lakes and Reservoirs. Here is a full list of the services we can offer you; Lake Construction…
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Lake Services

Lake Services When it comes to keeping your lake in great condition and ensuring that all of the wildlife who use your lake are well looked after, it makes sense to seek help from the experts. We are delighted to say that we provide a wide range of lake services and no matter the size…
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