Lake Dyes

Control weed and Algae in lakes with lake dyes - Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk and LondonWhen it comes down to the control of aquatic weed and algae within large water bodies such as big ponds and lakes, the process of manual or mechanical removal can be both tiring and costly. This is where lake dyes by Dyofix are beneficial. The dyes are food approved and have been manufactured using the very best quality of colours and have been thoroughly tested to European standards. These dyes are distributed and used across the UK by Heathland Aquatic Engineering.

From large ponds and small lakes to the very largest expanses of water, the additives colour the water to filter light which then disrupts the photosynthesis processes The results from the filtration of sunlight means the algae and any submerged weed growth is first halted then growth reduction begins. This is all done without an risk to humans, pets, wildlife or fish so it’s an environmentally friendly solution to your algae or aquatic weed problems.

Key Features of the Dyofix products

  • Free of pesticides, algaecides and other harmful chemicals
  • Harmless to plants, fish, wildlife, insects and pets
  • Supplied in a variety of colours and strengths
  • Lake die mixing in the lake with the aid of an aerator - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex, Suffolk, LondonAvailable in both liquid and powder formats
  • Used by:
    • award-winning landscape gardeners
    • commercial fishing lakes
    • golf clubs and
    • local authorities
  • Simple application method
  • Economical to use and long lasting
  • Use wherever weed and algae is a problem
  • Pond Black creates a stunning, reflective surface for ornamental ponds
  • Prevents weed and algae from blocking filters
  • Can be used all year round
  • Featured in the BBC Program ‘A Year at Kew’

No harmful chemicals is good news for fisheries.

Today, many of your local commercial fisheries will be using one of the Dyofix solutions to control algal growth or weed issues within their water systems.

Dyofix Lake Blue – environmentally friendly algae control

Weed is a very common problem across much of the world within lakes and similar sized waterbodies such as reservoirs. It can have a huge effect on recreational sports such as fishing, sailing and swimming but also cause problems for irrigation within reservoirs for farms and golf clubs etc.

Pond blue Dyofix Lake dyes keep algae and pond weed down - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex

Animals and creatures such as fish can also suffer from oxygen depletion from algae outbreaks and excessive weed growth,  which draws oxygen during the darker hours.

Lake Blue will greatly reduce and eradicate algal growth and aquatic weed without the need for tiring manual removal solutions, which can be both labour intensive and costly. It will also reduce the requirements for chemicals, algaecides, herbicides etc, which if not used in precise doses or under certificated and skilled supervision by experts, can lead to a rapid imbalance of nutrients in the lake body, resulting in adverse effects on fish stocks, aquatic plant life and other wildlife using the water source.

Dyofix Lake Shadow – a neutral colour preventing algae growth

The development of Lake Shadow came around due to the demand for lake dyes on lakes situated within “Grade 1” listed landscapes where unnatural colouration is not ideal. An award winning gardener was concerned that the blue look to a lake may make the water body look very artificial.

Lake Shadow Dyofix dyes for ponds, lakes and fisheries - Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk and London

Because of the enquiry Dyofix came up with a solution which blended the three main primary natural colours, yellow, blue and red. The result was a product which when inspected by the human eye looks completely natural and clear.

The product works by creating a shadow within the lake which then stops light from reaching the bottom. This,  as with Lake Blue,  halts the growth of algae.

Lake Shadow from Dyofix incorporates the very same tried and tested products as the other dye products from the Dyofix range, again completely non-toxic European Food approved items, which have been manufactured from organic sources.

Dyofix special C – for severe aquatic weed growth

The latest in the range, C Special. This product was developed especially to see if invasive species such as Crassula Helms would be slowed and controlled by aquatic lake dyes. Currently in the early stages of  the trials, the product is showing early indications that the use of Dyofix dyes in lakes is one of the very best methods of control tested to date .

Dyofix Lake die C to control algae and aquatic weed in large ponds, lakes and fisheries - Heathland Aquatic Engineering

Dyofix Special C has also shown to have effects on Chara, which is an algae that has a very similar look to weed.

Many of the rooted aquatic weeds only require minimal light levels to be able to grow, DyoFix C Special, is a complex combination of the DyoFix Lake Blue product and DyoFix Lake Shadow which combined reflects back vast quantities of light, whilst leaving the water transparent. The result from this dye is a much darker shade than the Dyofix Lake Blue but the tint remains very pale.

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