Lake Algae Control

Ultrasonic lake algae control - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and LondonThoughout the UK, lakes and public waters suffer from outbreaks of blue-green algae, which creates a formidable problem. Blue-green algae as it’s commonly known, is part of  a group of potentially harmful bacteria called cyanobacteria. In the majority of cases they release a distinctly foul odour and they can also  release harmful toxins. These toxins can cause illness and a great deal of  disruption to the quality of the water in a lake.

Many of our lakes are closed each year and areas are fenced off due to the high risks caused by blue-green algae,  but there is now a solution to monitor, control and prevent algal blooms from forming and causing disruption to recreational locations.

Solutions for lakes

Reduction in algal growth

blue green algae in a lake can be controlled with LG Sonic algal control units - Heathland Aquatic Engineering, EssexThe size of a body of water does not effect the use of LG Sonic ultrasonic equipment, the units are fully customisable and adapted to suit the shape and size of the lake they are required to monitor and control.

This is achieved by lowering TSS and BOD levels in the lake.

Reduced smells and improve taste

Some members of these algae family produce toxins and other metabolites, which can cause strong odours and consequently health risks. The LG Sonic equipment is able to treat this issue by controlling the algae cell without breaking the cell wall, which would otherwise release toxins. This helps to preserve plant life, wildlife and fish stocks within the lake.

Reduced chemical treatments

Although the use of chemical treatments has been greatly reduced in lakes around the UK, some still use some forms of chemicals,  which can be harmful to wildlife and other aquatic plant life etc. Using LG Sonic controllers reduces the requirement for chemicals and may mean you can stop using them completely and manage your lake water quality in a much more environmentally friendly way.

The latest in autonomous equipment

The MPC buoy from LG Sonic constantly monitors the water conditions and applies the correct frequencies to control the current algae form and they are almost completely maintenance free.  These units are anchored out of reach in the lake and are completely independent in terms of a solar power supply.  This leaves you free to get on with more important things, whilst your lake stays clear and algae free.

Products Available

LG Sonic® MPC Buoy

LG Sonic MPC Bouy, automomous Lake algae control - Heathland Aquatic Engineering Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk.This is the very latest and finest solution for lakes and large waterbodies and it’s available with a full range of water quality monitoring sensors that provide you with a full overview of the water quality, which helps the unit predict the coming algae forms.

All of this data can be logged and collected from each buoy via remote software in real-time. The units incorporate 3 transducers, each sending the correct frequency out into the lake at 360 degrees and covering a 500 meter diameter.

For more information relating to the LG Sonic MPC Buoy unit please click here to download the brochure.

LG Sonic® e-Line

E line LG Sound algae controller at Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Essex, Suffolk, LondonThe latest chameleon technology will adjust the frequency program to attack the current organism found within your lake.

  • Multiple transmitters can be used in larger lakes with islands and/or are irregular shapes, which can cause grey areas where signals are hidden.
  • Easy maintenance is achieved through the use of the automatic transducer wiper, which will systematically clean the unit when required.
  • Reliable systems updates from the GSM/2 function, allow for complete remote control and system monitoring.


For more information relating to the LG Sonic e-Line unit please click here to download the brochure.

We can provide our LG Sonic lake algae control services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about Algae control or water management services please email, call  0800 3891990.