Fishery Netting Services

fishery netting services Fishery Netting ServicesWhy would you need a fish netting service?

The removal of fish from a fishery or other water body is now a very common practise as it has shown positive overall results. Fish netting services are required for a variety of reasons, but the general goal is to keep your fishery in top condition and ensure it's a desirable spot for visitors.

Some of the reasons a netting service might be required are:-

  • Removal of predatory fish
  • Removal of fish due to over population
  • Stock surveys of fish
  • In the case of a low oxygen problems, risk to fish
  • Work access requirements for dredging purposes or segregating a section of river and canal for work, which could damage local fish stocks such as revetment development

Fishery Netting to solve stock issues

Common issues such as stock levels can be battled by using our fish netting services, we have  practical expertise in this area and we understand that your fish stock is extremely important to you, as is keeping your fish stock in good condition. The removal of the smaller fish within the fishery will free up space, food and oxygen for the more desirable species to grow, thrive and reproduce.

Healthy balanced stock, along with a well-managed environment will always result in a top-quality fishery, meaning more visitors to the bank itself. A positive response to fish netting and removal can normally be seen after a short period of time, an increase in oxygen, food availability and general fish stock health can improve rapidly.

How often should a fishery be netted?

It is advised that you net your waters every 1-2 years to keep your stock in top condition, this does not mean removal of stocks is necessary but regular surveys will allow you to make clear judgments and eliminate risks before problems occur.

Most of the time non-emergency fish netting will be carried out during the colder months of the year when stocks are at their slowest and stress is less likely. Only in an emergency situation should this be carried out in the warmer months when the reason for the stock removal is caused by higher risks such as oxygen depletion, pollution or other problems such as disease.

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